Pharmacy Buyer Day Information

2023 Date: Friday, October 20th

The Friday of Health System Pharmacy Week (annually, in late October)

Help Make National Pharmacy Buyer Day A Reality –

Send a Proclamation Request To Your Mayor or Governor (see info & links below)

Background Info

  2023’s Pharmacy Buyer Day is Friday, October 20th, the Friday of the existing “National Hospital & Health-System Pharmacy Week,” which is usually held on the last full week of October each year.

  Pharmacy Buyer Day was the brainchild of Beth Meese, formerly the Pharmacy Purchasing Agent for Provena United Samaritan Medical Center in Danville, IL, now the Service Excellence Liaison for the same hospital who came up with the idea back in 2005.  In 2007, we at the National Pharmacy Purchasing Association (NPPA) took her suggestion and made it into a movement.

  Each year, about 45 days in advance of that year’s Buyer Day, NPPA sends letters and a “Proclamation” to our city’s Mayor, to request legislative support to recognize locally, an official “Pharmacy Buyer Day.”  If they agree, our Proclamation gets returned with their signature and official government stamp of approval on it.

Send Your Local Mayor & Governor, A Buyer Day Proclamation To Recognize

  See NPPA’s Pharmacy Buyer Day Proclamation here at the top of this page (in the “Links to Printable Content” section), to send to your city’s Mayor or State’s Governor, to request they recognize national Pharmacy Buyer Day.

  To request from your city’s Mayor, lookup their website, and find the “Office of Protocol.”  Then email or upload the appropriate files (Proclamation Certification in Word doc, with your name & info added where noted to insert at the end); and include our suggested letter (or your own modified one), with your name/information included where we note that in red in your “Sincerely/byline” part.  Or print our files out and send by regular U.S. mail to your Mayor’s attention and their Protocol Office.

  To send request to your state’s Governor, it’s a bit more tricky and will take longer than for the cities.  Lookup your Governor’s website and search for their Office of Protocol (or Proclamations or “Commemorative Messages”), which will have very specific instructions to follow, as well as deadlines to do so before their response is needed.  They may even require you to use their own uploading and prefilled “Send us a Comment” area, to add the files and request that way instead of providing an email address to do so easier.  Or you could just send in regular U.S. mail and hope it gets to the right Department there eventually.

  Normally these things are rubber-stamped every day, and there’s no fee involved.  For the cities, it takes about 1 month to process, but for the states it will likely take considerably longer, so you should request those months or even a year in advance.  However, now that we have email and the Internet, be sure to check for an email address to send your request that way, since sending it by email (instead of regular U.S mail), will not need as much advance time to get a reply and turnaround.