Call for Speakers – Annual NPPA Conference

See below details & contact info, if interested in speaking

At the next Annual NPPA Conference in August 2024

  Help us fill out the Educational Program & speaker roster at the 27th Annual NPPA Conference, August 19 through 22, 2024, at Horseshoe Las Vegas (formerly Bally’s) in Nevada.  The NPPA (National Pharmacy Purchasing Association) Conference is ALL about the Pharmacy Purchasing profession and the information you need to expand your knowledge of this important and complex field, by considering becoming a presenter, and hopefully refresh the enthusiasm you have for your career.  Or, perhaps you’ve seen or heard of an interesting and applicable pharmacy purchasing related speaker that you can recommend.

  Click on the below link for NPPA’s list for speaker participation details and suggested topics for an idea of what we look for to fill our Educational Program (or please suggest your own for consideration, if not listed there, as long as it relates to Pharmacy Purchasing).

 Then after reviewing our details and suggested Educational Topics, send an email to: with your requested topic(s), time length (see file for options), and your full contact information including company name & title.  If you have a current CV or Resume, please send that as well.  We will then send you our materials to review, complete, and return in order to be considered.

  If you prefer to discuss by phone initially, please send an email first and advise of your normal work hours; then one of us on NPPA’s Speaker Committee will call you as soon as we’re able.  Thank you for your interest!