Member Incentive Programs

 Write An Article For PPO & Receive Up To $75

  If you are a current NPPA Buyer-Member and send us an article you’ve written with approximately 300-550 words that we publish in Pharmacy Purchasing Outlook, the official publication of NPPA, you will receive $50. For an article that’s published with 600 words or more, you will receive $75.

  Know that we will edit for spelling/grammar as necessary, so not to be concerned in that regard; it’s really the content that we’re looking for!

  Remember, very few Pharmacy Buyers have purchasing colleagues at their facilities, so they learn from their own trials and errors. When you read how others in your field have taken on and accomplished projects, it makes all readers of our publication think about how they might be able to accomplish similar or spin-off projects, based upon the ideas and concepts you identify. Every Buyer-submitted article is a new perspective on the Pharmacy Buyer experience that may seem mundane to the writer, but fascinating to a Buyer in another part of the country.

  Suggestions: write about a project you instituted which helped your department or facility; write about something you learned at one of our Conferences or elsewhere that helps your daily routine or department run more efficiently; write about your experience from attending a past Conference (such as in terms of networking with other Buyers). You can also think of this as a possible way to help achieve a promotion; to submit and have published, one or several articles in a national publication. Even if you do not get promoted, you earn the prestige of being a writer in a nationally recognized publication for your profession. 

  So, we hope you are able to find the time to send in your experiences or thoughts. It doesn’t have to be a long dissertation. We hope to see your comments published in a future edition of PPO!

  Send your article in a Word document by email attachment to us at:

Refer a New NPPA Member & Save 20% On Your Renewal!

  Believe it or not, there are still many pharmacy buyers across the country who are unaware of NPPA, the National Pharmacy Purchasing Association. We greatly depend on word of mouth to help us spread the word to other pharmacy buyers you know of, work with, or have as customers.

  Simply tell them you suggest they get involved in supporting our Association, NPPA-the first ever solely devoted to pharmacy buyers, and ask them to visit our website ( for more information and to access membership order forms on our Join NPPA page (or call our office between 8am to 4pm Pacific Time for questions or to order a new membership by phone).

  When a new Buyer signs up to become an NPPA member, ask them to give your name as the referring member, in order to receive a 20% discount off your next membership renewal!

 Refer a Vendor to Exhibit/Sponsor at the NPPA Conference & Get Rewarded!

  To thank our NPPA members for spreading the word about our Conference to the vendors that call on them, we instituted a Sponsor Referral Award incentive so that when you successfully refer a vendor to display and sponsor our Conference, you get rewarded for your efforts. Not only do we award more for brand new companies, but this incentive even applies to vendors who’d previously exhibited and sponsored! (After 3 years of not doing so.)

  The Exhibitor Brochures have a place on their Order Form to note a referral of an NPPA member.  These brochures can be found on our Exhibitor Information page. If you’d like to get the Brochure via U.S. mail, please email your request to NPPA Buyer-Members can add their name to the Order Form before giving to the vendors that call on them, or just request to new potential Exhibitors that they do so when they return their new Exhibitor Order Form to us for processing. See further details below rate schedule at end of page.

Referral Commission –
NEW Conference Exhibitors

A company that has not participated in the
Conference in any form within the last 3 years.

Bronze: $200
Silver: $300
Gold: $400
Platinum: $500
Diamond: $600

Referral Commission –
Previous Exhibitors

Those who were Exhibitors at one of the
Conferences in the last 3 years.

Bronze: $100
Silver: $200
Gold: $300
Platinum: $400
Diamond: $500

Award Details

  Awards for successful referrals may, at the NPPA member’s choice, either go to the Member, or the Member’s pharmacy department or facility/health system. Awards will only be funded when the company’s Exhibitor Order is submitted with their initial Order Form, containing the name of the referring NPPA member. Awards will not be eligible if such information is missing once the exhibiting company submits the Order and deposit to our offices.

  Note: we understand it is common for companies to forget to place your name on the form. So, as an alternative, we will also accept written confirmation from the referred company. However, written confirmation must 1) be dated within 2 weeks prior to or 2 weeks after the date we receive their Exhibitor Order Form, and 2) the representative sending us such note is also listed as one of their company’s main or alternate contacts on their submitted Exhibit Order Forms. Such Exhibitor company representatives can send us their intentions to include you as their referring party, by fax (858-581-6372) or email (, whether it’s included on their Order Form or separately. No verbal confirmations can be accepted.