NPPA Code of Ethics & Conduct

   On June 10, 2010, the National Pharmacy Purchasing Association (NPPA) approved a new proposal from their Advisory Board, for an official NPPA Pharmacy Buyer “Code of Ethics & Conduct.”  

   Its original concept & author was James D. Menefee, NPPA Advisory Board Member & previous Pharmaceutical Buyer/Stores Clerk at Erie Country Medical Center of Buffalo, NY for 35.5 years (now retired, as of March 2013).

NPPA Code of Ethics

1) Support the National Pharmacy Purchasing Association (NPPA) in pursuit of established objectives.

2) Maintain loyalty to an employer consistent with this code and all federal, state, and local regulations.

3) Exercise honesty and truthfulness in relationships to NPPA, an employer, co-workers, and those with whom you do business.

4) Avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest that may jeopardize impartiality in decisions involving NPPA or an employer.

5) Show credibility and respect for our peers, other professions, and those with whom you conduct business in all NPPA matters.

6) Exercise a consistent effort to build a good image and reputation through responsible conduct, reliable performance, good judgment and appropriate dress and appearance.

7) Be receptive to competent advice from colleagues who demonstrate support of the Pharmacy Purchasing Profession.

8) Continue efforts to improve technical and administrative ability regarding knowledge and expertise in the field of Pharmacy Purchasing.

 NPPA Code of Conduct

1) Always be truthful: with vendors, staff, and administration.

2) Purchase products without personal bias or prejudice.

3) Avoid personal and business conflicts of interest.

4) Refuse any form of gratuity from those you do business with that are in violation of state and local mandates, and which may be in accordance with the policies established in the Departments of Pharmacy, within health systems or individual facilities.

5) Insist on sound business principles in your everyday business routines.