Pharmacy Buyer Wage & Task Survey Report

How Does Your Pay & Tasks Compare To Other Pharmacy Buyers?

View Data & Results from our Pharmacy Buyer Wage & Task Survey Report

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  NPPA’s, “Pharmacy Buyer Wage & Task Survey Report- 2008”, allows you to see where you stand with your colleagues in this profession.  Close to 300 hospital and health system Pharmacy Buyers across the country responded!

  The Survey was conducted in 2008, by Summerdale Enterprises Inc., the Founder of NPPA, the National Pharmacy Purchasing Association.  The survey results were then compiled, analyzed, put into graphs, and a fully detailed report was written & published.

  Many Buyers might feel they are underpaid, but lack the comparative data to substantiate it.  Here you’ll find such data, along with Buyer functions and tasks, broken down, and analyzed for you to use in your next review.

  How do the functions and tasks you perform stack up those in your profession?  These are not purchasing agents in other industries.  These are hospital and health system pharmaceutical purchasing professionals, the closest apples-to-apples comparisons you could get.  But where else can you regularly obtain such important and vital information?

  Our staff, two of whom have over 50 years of experience as Pharmacy Buyers (a highly specialized and unique profession) have analyzed and interpreted the data from this survey.

  No other resource is dedicated to Pharmacy Purchasing as we are.  We speak your language and we go to bat for you so that you can thrive in this specialty.