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Petition Letter to Congress

Here is your opportunity to have your voice heard where it counts!The link HERE is a list of the members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, the committee responsible for most healthcare-related legislation.  Find your local congressperson’s link to their personal webpage and paste the letter below to the them.  If there is no congressperson representing your state, address the email to the chairman, Rep. Harry Waxman.

Then, copy and paste the letter below to their CONTACT US link on their webpage and send it on its way.

Your voice will join the hundreds of others as a message to Congress that this is a necessary thing for them to do!

Note: The link to the Committee persons does not have a direct email address.  The link takes you to the Committee person’s own Congressional webpage where you have to cut and paste the letter below to them directly.


 Cut and paste below and email to your congressperson:


 To the Honorable _______________,

Pharmacy Purchasing Outlook, the only publication written by and dedicated to the Profession of Pharmacy Purchasing is spearheading a movement to make Pharmacy Buyer Day a nationally recognized day for Pharmacy Buyers.

I support this movement and urge you to review our petition and vote to make the Friday of National Hospital and Health-System Pharmacy Week National Pharmacy Buyer Day.

Thank You,

Pharmacy Purchasing Outlook – Our ONLY issue is Pharmacy Purchasing!



End of Letter