Full Membership

Join NPPA – Full Member/Subscriber (Should link to Join NPPA Order form page)


Article I:  Full Member/Subscriber Qualifications

  1. Individuals must be a current employee of a hospital, clinic, or out-patient facility working in the Pharmacy Dept. or Materials Management.  Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for individuals who are unemployed, retired, pharmacy students, or work in a compounding pharmacy, mail-order pharmacy, or retail.
  2. Individuals must not currently be employed by any company we consider to be a vendor i.e. pharmaceutical company, manufacturer, wholesaler, secondary distributor, etc.
  3. Multiple Full Memberships may be held at the same address.

Acceptance of new/renewing memberships is at the sole discretion of Summerdale Enterprises, Inc.  Summerdale Enterprises, Inc. reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership at any time.


Article II:  Full Member/Subscriber Benefits

  • Subscription to Pharmacy Purchasing Outlook (10 editions)
  • Receive RxBuyer eNews, a periodic e-newsletter
  • Access to the Members-Only section of
    • Breaking News Alerts on Recalls & Discontinued Products
    • Drug Shortage information (current & resolved)
    • FDA Recalls & Alerts
    • Product Discontinuations
    • Annual Conference Lecture Handouts/Slides
  • Member rate at Annual NPPA Conference (membership status must be current during the month of August).
  • Plentiful opportunities to enhance clinical and leadership skills
  • Unique opportunities for networking, career growth and continuing education
  • The chance to participate in advocacy, policy and planning


Article III:  Full Member/Subscriber Policies

  1. Dues must be paid in full and on-time to remain eligible for member benefits and discounts.
  2. Membership Dues must be current during the month of August in order to qualify for Conference Discounts.
  3. Members must keep Summerdale Enterprises, Inc. fully updated on all contact information as well as their facility’s primary Wholesaler and Group Purchasing Organization.
  4. Must have valid email address on file with Summerdale Enterprises, Inc. in order to receive RxBuyer eNews, our periodic e-newsletter (not available in print).
  5. Each membership/subscription is to be associated with only one person and will remain with that person until the expiration date, despite any employment changes which may occur.
  6. Transfers of membership/subscription are only possible when the member/subscriber is no longer employed in the same field and chooses to relinquish their membership/subscription to a replacement employee.  This is only possible when it is proven that the employer paid the annual dues and when the replacement employee is working at the same address as the original member/subscriber.
  7. Membership/subscription dues are payable to Summerdale Enterprises, Inc.