Call For Speakers – 2015 NPPA Conference 


Help us fill out the speaker roster of the 19th Annual, 2015 NPPA Conference’s educational program, being held this August 17th-20th, 2015 at Bally’s Las Vegas! The NPPA Conference is ALL about the Pharmacy Purchasing profession and the information you need to expand your knowledge of this important and complex field, by considering becoming a presenter, and hopefully refresh the enthusiasm you have for your career. See NPPA’s list of suggested topics below for this year’s educational program (or please suggest your own for consideration, if not listed there).

Accepted speakers will receive complimentary Conference Registration and/or reimbursement of up to 3 hotel room nights, dependent upon the length of their presentation.  Full hour-long presenters will receive both, and panelists may choose one.  Speaker honorarium and additional travel expenses are negotiable.

To inquire about speaking, send an email to: Please include your preferred topic(s) and whether you’re interested in presenting for 1) 1 hour 2) 30 minutes 3) or less than 30 minutes in our Best Buyer Practices panel session.  We will then send you our speaker materials to review, complete, and return in order to be considered.  If you’d like to discuss your topic or the procedures first, you may contact NPPA’s Event Assistant & Conference Moderator, Mike Thomas, at: 1-888-544-NPPA.

2014 NPPA Conference Educational Topic Suggestions

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Space Ideas for Small Pharmacies
  • Pharmacy Buyer “101”
  • Reverse Distribution
  • Primary vs. Secondary Wholesaler for Pharmacy Facilities/Value of Having a Secondary
  • The Pharmacy Buyer’s Role in Transitioning to “EPIC”
  • Specialty/Compounding Pharmacies
  • Barcoding/Automation, Tips & Tricks
  • Info for Critical Access/Rural Hospitals
  • Inventory Control: Proactive Measures to Result in Less Drug Inventory Becoming Outdated
  • Working with Facility CFO or Accounting Dept., on Pharmacy Purchasing & Overall Facility Costs
  • Team Building or Leadership Skills, To Motivate, Improve Morale, & Work More Efficiently
  • Insulin & Diabetic Pen Injections (benefits to high cost, waste handling & safety issues)
  • The Affordable Healthcare Act & How It Is Affecting Hospitals
  • Technology/Automation (Pyxis®, Carousel, ADC, packagers, etc.)
  • Emergency Preparedness for Pharmacies/Hospitals
  • Regulatory Impact- State & Federal Programs that Hospitals Can Use
  • Recycling & “Going Green” in Facilities
  • GPO Conversions
  • Waste Management
  • 340B Procedures & Audit Information
  • The Drug Recall Process by FDA
  • Generic Purchasing Practices: Generic conversion process, Patent challenges, Authorized Generics
  • Quality Assurance or Improvement Projects
  • The Buyer & P&T Committee – Developing Stronger Relations & Becoming Member
  • DEA Compliance & Drug Diversion
  • Rebate Information
  • Buyer Daily Functions & Helpful Tips
  • New TJC (Joint Commission) Rules Regarding Contrast Media
  • Introduction to Global Trade Item Numbers (GS1) in Healthcare
  • New Medications on the Horizon
  • Pain Management Pumps vs. PCA Pumps
  • Stress Management & Easy Relaxation Exercises
  • The Influenza Cycle
  • Pharmacy Dept. Newsletters- Including Buyer’s Input

This year’s topics were taken from the following:

  • Ideas given in feedback by Pharmacy & GPO Attendees from the previous  NPPA Conference
  • Suggestions given by the current NPPA Advisory Board
  • Never before presented topics (from the previous year’s feedback) or those that warrant further discussion.

However,  if there is a subject you feel you can speak about that is relevant for our group and not on our current list of topic suggestions, please feel free to submit your new topic for consideration.

Note- Each prospective lecture must first be considered in terms of what can qualify as an ACPE-accredited CE. We try to have as many as possible for our educational sessions.  This means that the presentation must be general and non-promotional to the speaker,  facility, and/or company they represent (as opposed to being specific to one department’s or one company’s services and/or products), and it must cover one or more problems or issues, along with suggested solutions or results.

Having Pharmacy Buyers presenting to their peers is something we always strive to find and fill in our program, and is a long-standing request from attendees.  So consider presenting on a topic that you have experience in & passion about, for either a full hour-long lecture, or as a panelist for the Best Buyer Practices sessions.  The Best Buyer Practices session consists of a panel of Pharmacy Buyers contributing a short, approximate 15-minute presentation (although we can usually allow up to 30 minutes per panelist as needed).
Consider sharing your expertise and knowledge; it will be a rewarding experience!